My year 2019 in dishes

I know, I know. I have abandoned you all. But it was for a good reason!

I’ve been doing my research (aka eating) for the past few months in order to bring you recipes from all over, like from Peru, Bolivia, Myanmar, India, Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic or Italy.

Here you have part of my raw data (well, most of it cooked, but whatever) from three different continents. Some of it I made, some of it my friends or family made, some of it is from Michelin star restaurants and some of it is from the most hygienically-dubious streetfood vendors ever. Anyhow, all absolutely delicious.

Anything that catches your eye and you would like me to include in future posts? Just drop me a line!

Thanks for your patience. Enjoy my meals!

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  1. Nyasha dice:

    A very cute and nice summarised video! At 0:24, what was that? It looked like a strawberry dessert but looked so delicious!

    1. irispermuyaforkontheroad dice:

      Thanks again, Nyasha! I think you’re referring to the Kyauk Kyaw, a Burmese dessert made of coconut milk. That’s actually one of the recipes that I will soon share 🙂

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