New Project: mmmagazine

For the past three months and a half, a new food writing project has been taking shape: mmmagazine.

A black circle with a bite in the right upper tip. Inside, three white "m".

It all started with a tweet. Pilar Montenegro, an aspiring translator and baker, launched the idea of creating a food magazine written by amateurs. Around fifteen people answered her call. I was hesitant at first and, with the de rigueur impostor syndrome speaking on my behalf, I wondered what could a group of hobbyists contribute when there are already such good chefs, food journalists, critics… writing wonderfully professional journals and books and magazines as well. And Pilar simply replied: “Our voice. Maybe it resonates with people, who knows.” And, just like that, we started organizing. Unfortunately, Pilar and a few others could not see the first issue through and a small but mighty ten-foodie editorial group gave birth to the first mmmagazine on May 15th, 2021.

The cover of the May issue of mmmagazine, with the picture of some loquats with whipped cream and some chocolate fudge.

But what exactly is mmmagazine? Marc, Maria, Lara, Nati, Bego, Sheila, Malena, Miguel, Idaira and I are all translators, so we should know our way around words, and are all unapologetically gourmands. So we simply share our passions combined. We try recipes for all tastes and budgets; we recommend restaurants all around Spain and Argentina; we talk about produce and kitchen hacks; we reflect on all sorts of food-related matters; we review books and TV shows; we interview actual professionals; we design foodie itineraries for your next vacation… There is all sort of content, y’all, so if you love gastronomy, you’ll love mmmagazine.

So, yes, it’s, pretty much, what I do here but with ten different voices, every 15th day of the month, and in Spanish. If you feel like this is something you might enjoy, you can now read both May’s issue and June’s by clicking here. If you can read Spanish, you are in for a treat!

Thanks for your support!

Cover of June's issue of mmmagazine, with several sardines being grilled.

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