The fruitcake

That’s me, Iris Permuy. The author, cook and photographer of the recipes shared in this blog. But this is not just an online cookbook. This is a humble culinary atlas, a shy travel guide for foodies, an honest travel diary through my palate.

I am lucky enough to have been in over 25 countries –and counting–, always with a curious stomach ready to take in all the flavors, textures, colors and scents it could. Whether wandering in a spice market in Morocco, craving a hot soup after hiking a glacier in Iceland, listening to the stories of the fisherman who just caught my sashimi in Japan, being grateful at a Thanksgiving dinner table in the United States, or coming back home to my mom’s cooking after several months abroad, my most treasured memories always revolve around food and wanderlust.

I must confess I am not a travel blogger, a professional chef or a photographer, and English is not my native language. My grammar will at times hurt your eyes. You might come accross a recipe from your own country and pull your hair due to all the outrageous aberrations of my version. In my pictures, you will see a messy kitchen poorly lit. Sometimes it will take me so long to update this site, you’ll begin to wonder whether I got poisoned by one of my dishes. I apologize in advance. But the good thing is that, in the end, it doesn’t matter. This blog has no other aim but to try and convey my four passions: cooking, traveling, taking pictures and writing. Blend well and you have a rather tasty blog recipe, right?

I hope you enjoy the ride. Bon appétit !


P. S. You can also see more of my travel pictures on Instagram: @iris.travels

Also, if you dig poetry and short stories, I also write some of those from time to time, both in English and Spanish:

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